10 New Arabic songs you should listen to this week

nina abdel malak

Here at Arabsounds, we’re always on the hunt for great new Arabic music. Every Saturday we highlight the most notable new Arabic songs and music videos of the week.

Releases by Nawal El Zoghbi, Fnaïre, Rabih Baroud, Sharmoofers, Nina Abdel Malak, Haidy Moussa, Hassan El Shafei, Wael Jassar, Dalia and Mahmoud El Esseily make up this week’s Arabic songs you should hear!

Check them out below!

Nina Abdel Malak – Lili Touil

Sharmoofers – Moftaqed El Habiba

Nawal El Zoghbi – Alou

Mahmoud El Esseily – Fe Hetta Tanya

Fnaïre – Siri Siri

Haidy Moussa – Sa7bety We 3eshret 3omry

Hassan El Shafei ft. Hany Adel – Qalby Yohadethony

Wael Jassar – 7ab W Ma it7abesh

Rabih Baroud – 3endi Alb Lyric

Dalia – Hatha Al Youm

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