Arabic celebrities on snapchat: here is a list of who to follow

As Snapchat becomes more and more popular, a growing number of Arabic celebrities is joining the social media platform. They share videos, selfies and sometimes even exclusive news.

Adding Arabic stars to your friends list can become a difficult task though, since there are no verified accounts or check marks next to their names.

But no worries, we are here to help you find your favorite Arabic singers on Snapchat! We’ve put together a complete list of famous Arabs that have joined Snapchat so far.

Keep checking back, more accounts will be added on a regular basis!

Arabic singers on Snapchat

  • AbdelKarim Hamdan: AbdelKrimHamdan
  • Ahmed Chawki: Ahmedchawkisnap
  • Ahlam: SnapAhlam
  • Amal Hijazi: AmalHijazi2
  • Amine Aminux: Aminux2014
  • Ayman Alatar: Eyemate
  • Aymane Serhani: Aymaneserhani
  • Balqees: Balqeesss
  • Cyrine Abdelnour: CyrineAbdelnour
  • Diana Haddad: Dianahaddaddh
  • Dominique Hourani: DominiqueHorani
  • Farrah Yousef: FarrahYousef
  • Hadi Aswad: Calmblack
  • Haitham Khalaily: KhalailyHaitham
  • Hatim Ammor: Hatimammor1
  • Hiba Tawaji: HibaTawaji
  • Hossam L Hossainy: HossamLHossainy
  • Humood Al Khudher: HumoodAlkhudher
  • Iliass TwiiwTiiw: TiiwTiiw_Iliass
  • Jamila El Badaoui: Jamila.Elb
  • Joseph Attieh: Joatti
  • Karim Mohsen: Karim_Mohsen99
  • Laith Abu Joda: LaithAbuJoda
  • L’Algerino: Algerinolevrai
  • Latifa: LatifaOfficial
  • Mais Hamdan: Mais.Hamdan
  • Massari: MassariOfficial
  • Maya Nehme: MayaNehme
  • Mohamed Reda: MohamedReda
  • Mohammad Qwaidar: Qwaiderman85
  • Mousa: Mousa.Official
  • Nader Hamdy: NaderHamdy
  • Nader Nour: NaderNour1
  • Najwa Karam: Najwa.Karam
  • Nawal El Zoghbi: NawalAlZoghbi
  • Nelly Makdessy: NellyMakdessy
  • Nina Abdelmalak: NinaAbdelMalek
  • Omar Belmir: Omarbelmir
  • Pascale Machalani: PascalMachalani
  • Rabih Baroud: Rabih_Baroud
  • Ragheb Alama: RaghebAlame
  • Rajaa Belmir: Rajaabelmir
  • Rana Samaha: Rana-Samaha
  • Razan El Moghrabi: RazanMagrabi
  • Rola Saad: Rolasaadsinger
  • Saad Ramadan: Saad_ramadan
  • Samo Zaen: SamoZaen52
  • Shamma Hamdan: Shamma_Hamdan11
  • Shatha Hassoun: ShathaHassoun3
  • Shayma Helali: ShaymaHelali
  • Shiraz: Shirazlb
  • Star Academy: StaracArabia
  • Viviane Mrad: VivianeMrad
  • Waleed Jalal: WalidJalal
  • Yasmine Tazi: Yasminet8
  • Yousef Arafat: YousefArafat1
  • Zaki Chreif: ZakiChreif1

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