5 songs to support Algeria

DJAM - El Baloun Ydour - ElKhadraoui

On Friday night Algeria will play against Senegal in the final of the Africa Cup of Nations. To get in the mood for tonight’s match we listed 5 songs for you that support El Khadra. Good luck Algeria!

Faycel Sghir Ft. Djalil Palermo – Zyada fina ya lkhadra

Cheb Bello & Cheb Amine 31 ft. Dj Moulay – Khaliha Chaba

Cheb Sofiane Asla – Coupe D’Afrique Wella Makanch

Hichem Smati ft. Cheb Wahid & Bilal Milano – Lkhedra Waara

DJAM – ElKhadraoui