Top 20 best Amr Diab songs of all time

amr diab songs

Amr Diab (born October 11, 1961) is one of the most popular singers in Egypt and in the rest of the Arab world. He released his first album entitled Ya Tareeq in 1983 followed by many albums and huge hits.

Nour El Ain

One of his biggest hits is Nour El Ain, which was released in 1996 and became a big succes, even beyond the Arabic speaking world. Other classic Amr Diab songs are Tamally Ma3ak, Leily Nhary, Ana 3ayesh, Ne2oul Eih and Wala 3ala Baloh.

Top 20 most viewed Amr Diab songs

We have listed the 20 most viewed Amr Diab songs on YouTube below! Let us know in the comments which song is your favorite!

This list has been updated in Januari 2022

20. Amr Diab – Ana W Enta

19. Amr Diab – Ray’a

18. Amr Diab – Ana Ayesh

17. Amr Diab – Inta El Haz

16. Amr Diab – Nghamet El Herman

15. Amr Diab – Ya Baladna Ya 7elwa

14. Amr Diab – Awel Kol Haga

13. Amr Diab – Maak Alby

12. Amr Diab – Bahebak Ana

11. Amr Diab – Amaken El Sahar

10. Amr Diab – We Malo

9. Amr Diab – Ya Agmal Eyoun

8. Amr Diab – Gamaa Habybak

7. Amr Diab – Da Law Etsab

6. Amr Diab – Ragea

5. Amr Diab – Nour El Ein

4. Amr Diab – Hadded

3. Amr Diab – Odam Merayetha

2. Amr Diab – Yetalemo

1. Amr Diab – Tamally Ma3ak

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