The 20 best Arabic summer hits of 2019


The summer of 2019 has almost come to an end. That pop ups the question: what are the biggest Arabic summer hits this year? Below, we’re rounding up the songs what we were playing all season.

Let us know in the comments what’s your favorite song of summer ’19!

Mohamed Ramadan & Saad Lamjarred – Ensay

This summer has been very much dominated by Mohamed Ramadan and Saad Lamjarred. With 140 million views on YouTube in less than 2 months their duet song Ensay is by far the biggest hit of Summer 2019

Assala – Gabo Serto

After the release of several separate songs, Assala finally released her full album Fe Orbak in August. The Syrian singer shared a lyric video for every song on her official YouTube channel. Gabo Serto gained the most views.

Hatim Ammor – Albak Yemchi Lhalo

Moroccan singer Hatim Ammor released the video for Albak Yemchi Lhalo on the 1st of August. The song comes from his latest album that was dropped in February. The video was shot in Las Vegas.

Raad & Methaq – La Ya Qalb

The Iraqi twin brothers Raad and Methaq scored a huge hit this summer with their song La Ya Qalb. The video was viewed more than 40 million views on YouTube.

Salma Rachid ft Mok Saib – Ma Gazelle

Moroccan singer Salma Rachid teamed up this summer with her Algerian colleague Mok Saib for a romantic duet song. The video clip was filmed in the northern Moroccan city of Tangier.

Ziad Bourji & Maya Diab – Khserna Baad

One of the big summer hits in Lebanon this year is Khserna Baad. Ziad Bourji and Maya Diab released the video for their duet song in June, both on their own official YouTube channels.

Farid Bang ft. French Montana & Cheb Khaled – Maghreb Gang

German-Morocan rapper Farid Bang teamed up with Cheb Khaled and French Montana for his single Maghreb Gang. The song is a modern version of Cheb Khaled’s classic Abdelkadr.

Nassif Zeytoun – Takke

Nassif Zeytoun has dropped tracks throughout the summer. Almost every week a lyric video of the Syrian singer appeared on YouTube. The track with the most views is Takke.

Mister You Feat. Balti – Maghrebins

Some hot maghreb sounds this year came from Moroccan rapper Mister You and Balti from Tunisia. They scored a huge summer hit with their duet song Maghrebins, wich is off Mister You’s latest album Hasta La Muerte.

Aseel Hameem – Ser Alhayah

Iraqi Singer Aseel Hameem released Ser Alhayah on the 11th of June. The song dominated our Top 20 chart for weeks. With 140 million views on YouTube it was one of the biggest summer hits 2019.

Amr Diab – Bahebo

Egyptian singer Amr Diab is set to release his new album Ana Gheir on the 26st of September. During the last couple of months he already released three songs. Bahebo was one of them.

Saif Nabeel – Kol Youm Elk Ashtak

Iraqi singer Saif Nabeel is known for his romantic ballads. Every time they yield millions of views on YouTube. The same goes for his track Kol Youm Elk Ashtak with which he scored a big hit this summer.

TiiwTiiw feat Cheb Djalil – Frota & Coco

Summer is not complete without a happy tune from TiiwTiiw. The Moroccan artist released the song Frota & Coco featuring Algerian Rai singer Djalil in July.

Elissa – Abl Ay Had

We are still waiting for Elissa to release her new album. She did release a song though in July called We Abl Ay Had. It’s the theme song for a new commercial by Egyptian telephone company WE Telecom Egypt. The video is full of summer vibes!

Samara – El Mondo

Tunisian rapper Samara had a huge success this summer with his song El Mondo. The official music video was released on June 14th and has more than 36 million views by now.

Mohamed Ramadan – Baba

Ensay was not the only summer hit from Mohamed Ramadan. In June the Egyptian artist released the impressive video for his song Baba.

Nouamane Belaiachi – Adios

Moroccan singer Nouamane Belaiachi released his song Adios in July. The happy and colorful music video gets you in a summer mood right away!

Mohamed Alsalim – Bye Bye

Mohamed Alsalim had a succesful summer thanks to his hit single Bye Bye. The Iraqi singer shared the music video on his official YouTube channel on the 3th of June.

Wael Kfoury – Stashbahet Fiki

Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury released one song this summer, titled Stashbahet Fiki. The official music video premiered on the 19th of June on his official YouTube channel.

Zouhair Bahaoui – Dinero

Zouhair Bahaoui’s song Décapotable was by far the biggest Arabic summer hit of 2018. This year the Moroccan singer released Dinero. It was less succesful than Décapotable but with more than 22 million views on YouTube we can still call it a big hit!

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