Elissa announces the countdown for her 13th album

April 12, 2023
elissa new album 2023

Lebanese superstar Elissa took to social media to announce the countdown for her upcoming album, which will be her 13th studio album. In a video posted on her social media accounts, she revealed that the album will be released during Eid al-Fitr.

Elissa wrote, “It might be early for some, but I’ve already started the countdown,” along with the hashtag #ElissaAlbum2023. The hashtag quickly became a trending topic on Twitter, with hundreds of tweets from her excited fans expressing their anticipation for the new album.

Her fans are eagerly waiting for her new album, and with the countdown officially beginning, the anticipation is only growing stronger.

As the release date approaches, it remains to be seen what surprises and new sounds Elissa has in store for her loyal fanbase. But one thing is for sure – her 13th album is bound to be a major success, just like her previous works.