Top 50 most viewed Arabic songs of all time on YouTube

What are the best Arabic songs ever? To answer this question we listed the Top 50 most viewed Arabic songs on YouTube of all time for you below! The list features songs by Saad Lamjarred, Mohamed Ramadan, Hussain Al Jassmi, Balti, Aseel Hameem and many more!

The ranking is based on the total amount of views on March 21st 2021. Totals and ranks will change, and we will continue to update this post, over time.

50. El Sawarekh ft. Zuksh & Shehta Karika – Ekhwaty

We kick of this Top 50 with the Egyptian party song Ekhwaty by El Sawarekh, Zuksh and Shehta Karika. It became a massive hit shortly after it’s release in the summer of 2020.


49. Saad Lamjarred – Let Go

Let Go is the first hit song of Saad Lamjarred in this list. The song was released in August 2017. In the video the Moroccan superstar shows he has some good dance moves!


48. Hussain Al Jassmi – Ahebak

Ahebak is the first but not the last song by Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi in this chart. He released the song in December 2017 and it became an instant hit!


47. Oka Wi Ortega – El3ab Yalla

Egyptian duo Oka Wi Ortega released their song El3ab Yalla in August 2017. Soon after the launch it became one of the most played song at Egyptian parties.


46. Hamo Bika, Hassan Shakosh & Ali Kadoura – Hatly Foudika We Jifaz

Hatly Foudika We Jifaz is one of the biggest Mahraganat songs in this chart. Maharaganat is a combination of electronic dance music combined with popular Egyptian shaabi music. The song was released in April 2019.


45. Abdelfattah El Grini – Jabara Fan (Arabic version)

Jabara Fan is the Arabic theme song for the famous Bollywood movie FAN by Shah Rukh Khan, sung by Moroccan singer Abdelfattah El Grini. It was released in March 2016 and became a huge hit in both India and the Arabic world.


44. Yara – Ma Baaref

Lebanese singer Yara released the love song Ma Baaref in Februari 2015. Since than the romantic music video has gained more than 204 million views!


43. Saad Lamjarred – Ghazali

Another catchy song by Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred and a music video full of dance moves. The song was released in March 2018.


42. Hamo Bika, Hassan Shakosh, Ali Kadoura & Nour Eltot – Wada3 Ya Donya Wada3

Egyptian singers Hamo Bika, Hassan Shakosh, Ali Adora and Nour Eltot released their song Wada3 Ya Donya Wada3 in the summer of 2019. It became one of the biggest Arabic hits of that same year.


41. Tito & Bondok – Ya Banat Helween

Another Egyptian Mahragat song on the list. This time by Tito and Bondok. The song was released in March 2017.


40. Jamila – Blach Blach

The first song on the list by a female Moroccan singer comes from Jamila. She released Blach Blach in October 2015 and it became one of biggest hits of that same year.


39. Mahmoud El Leithy – 3am Ya Sayad

3am Ya Sayad is the theme song of the Egyptian movie Eid El Rabi3 featuring Mahmoud El Leithy. It was released in April 2017.


38. Saad Lamjarred – Ana Machi Sahel

Ana Machi Sahel was released in July of 2016. The video features Saad’s parents and his fans. The song became another smash hit for the Moroccan singer.


37. Adham Nabulsi – Howeh El Hob

The only song from Jordan in this chart comes from Adham Nabulsi. The singer is known for his touching music videos and songs. One of those songs is Howeh El Hob. It was released in November of 2018.


36. Amjad Jomaa – Ana Lamma Bheb

Amjad Jomaa is a young Syrian artist. His breaktrough came in 2020 when he released his song Ana Lamma Bheb. The music video was published in May 2020 and has made it already to the Top 50 most viewed Arabic songs of all time!


35. Sherine – Masha’er

The first Egyptian female singer in the chart is Sherine. Her song Masha’er was published on YouTube in July 2013 and has generated more than 216 milllions views since then.


34. Mohamed Ramadan – Bum Bum

Mohamed Ramadan is one of the most popular Egyptian artists of the moment. He released his catchy song Bum Bum in January 2020. The entertaining video became one of the most viewed Arabic music videos of 2020.


33. Mohamed Ramadan – Mafia

Another hit song by Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan. Mafia was released on the first day of 2019 and became one of the biggest Arabic hits of that same year.


32. Humood – Kun Anta

Kuwaiti singer Humood released his song Kun Anta in February 2016. The track comes from his album Aseer Ahsan, that was released a year earlier by Awakening Records.


31. Mohamed Alsalim – Naam Enta

Iraqi singer Mohamed Alsalim relesed Naam Enta at the end of 2015. It became one of hte biggest Iraqi hits of the year 2016.


30. Hala Al Turk – Zahgana

Bahraini singer Hala Al Turk became popular when she was selected for Arabs Got Talent in 2011. She subsequently sang to Platinum Records. Her song Zahgana was released in 2012 and became very popular among Arabic children.


29. Moustafa Hagag – Ya Mna3n3

Egyptian singer had a huge hit in 2015 with his song Ya Mna3n3. The song comes from his album Za7met Hayaty what was released January of 2015.


28. Free Baby – Baba Fein

Baba Fein? Baba hena, hena aho! This Egyptian song by Free Baby was released in 2002 and it became a huge hit. The music video was published on YouTube in 2009.


27. Hamza Namira – Dari Ya Alby

Dari Ya Alby by Egyptian singer Hamza Namira was a big hit in 2018. The song comes from his album Hateer Min Tany. The music video was released in February 2018 and became one of the most viewed Arabic music videos of that same year.


26. Esraa Alasel – Arosa

Lots of romance in this music video by Iraqi singer Esraa Alasel. Arosa was released in august 2018 and became one of the biggest Iraqi hits of that same year.


25. Oras Sattar – Ya Gmalk

Ya Gmalk by Iraqi singer Oras Sattar was the most viewed Arabic song on YouTube in the year 2017. It’s 26th position in this chart proves it’s still a very popular song, specially among Iraqi people.


24. Ziad Bourji – Shou Helou

Ziad Bourji is the second Lebanese singer on the list. His song Shou Helou became a huge hit after it’s release in December 2017, as a theme song of his Bel Ghalat movie.


23. Zouhair Bahaoui ft. TiiwTiiw & CHK – Hasta Luego

Moroccan singers Zouhair Bahaoui, TiiwTiiw and CHK teamed up and dropped the catchy song Hasta Luego. It was one of the biggest Moroccan hits of summer 2017


22. Ali Jassim & Mahmoud Al Turky – Rahti Al Nafseya

Iraqi singers Ali Jassim and Mahmoud Al Turky released their first duet song Rahti Al Nafseya in January 2018. In no time it became a huge hit!


21. Noor Alzien – Qafel

Noor Alzien released Qafel on May 1th 2018. The romantic love song was an instant hit with millions of views just shortly after it’s release.


20. Saif Nabeel – Ghaly Anta

Another Iraqi love song in the chart comes from Saif Nabeel. His song Ghaly Anta was released in december 2017.


19. Saad Lamjarred – Ghaltana

Popular Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred released the music video for his song Ghaltana in august 2016. Years later it’s still one of the most popular Arabic songs on YouTube.


18. Aseel Hameem – Ser Alhayah

Iraqi singer Aseel Hameem is the first female Iraqi singer on the list. Her song Ser Alhayah was released in June 2019 and the music video became the second most viewed Arabic song on YouTube in that same year


17. Saad Lamjarred – Mal Hbibi Malou

Another banger by Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred. Mal Hbibi Malou was released in 2013 and became one of his biggest hits so far. The video is uploade twice to YouTube. Both videos have a total of 302 million views.


16. Mohamed Ramadan & Saad Lamjarred – Ensay

When you combine two Arabic superstars you’ll get a hit…a huge hit! Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred and Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan released their duet song Ensay in the summer of 2019. It ended up as the most viewed Arabic song of the year. So it’s not surprising that they show up in the Top 50 most viewed Arabic songs of all time!


15. Ahmed Sheba – Ah Law Le3bt Ya Zahr

Ahmed Sheba represents Egypt in this Top 50 with his massive hit Ah Law Le3bt Ya Zahr. It was released in January 2016 as one of the theme songs of the Egyptian movie Ocean 14.


14. Khaled – C’est La Vie

Algerian king of rai Khaled scored his biggest hit ever with the energetic song C’est La Vie. It was released in September 2012 and the music video was uploaded to YouTube twice. Both videos have a total of 345 million views.


13. Noor Alzien & Gazwan Alfahad – Jeenak Behaya

Noor Alzien and Gazwan Alfahad joined forces in 2015 and released the Jeenak Behaya video in April of that same year. The traditional Iraqi song became one of the most viewed Arabic songs of 2015.


12. Noor Alzien & Mohamed Alfaras – Ydk Blras

Ydk Blras was the most viewed Arabic song on YouTube of 2018. No wonder that we find Iraqi singers Noor Alzien and Mohamed Alfaras are on the 12th position.


11. Hassan Shakosh & Omar Kamal – Oud El Batal

Egyptian singers Hassan Shakosh and Omar Kamal are a winning duo. Every song they make together turns into a massive hit. One of those hits is Oud El Batal what was released in March 2020. The song was uploaded twice to YouTube. Both videos have a total of 435 million views.


10. Hussain Al Jassmi – Bel Bont El3areedh

Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi scored a huge hit with Bel Bont El3areedh, sung in the Egyptian Arabic dialect. The song was released in august 2020 and became one of the most viewed Arabic songs of that same year.


9. Zouhair Bahaoui – Décapotable

Décapotable is by far the biggest hit of Moroccan singer Zouhair Bahaoui. The music video for the song was released in August 2018 and it just entered the top 10 of most viewed Arabic songs of all time.


8. Hala Al Turk – Happy Happy

Hala Al Turk‘s song Happy Happy was released in October 2013. With more than 473 million views on YouTube it’s one of the most viewed songs of the Bahraini singer.


7. Hussain Al Jassmi – Boshret Kheir

Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi scored his biggest hit ever with Boshret Kheir, sung in the Egyptian Arabic dialect. The video was released in May 2016 and features Egyptians dancing in the street of several cities in Egypt. The song aimed to unite them so they could get out and vote.


6. Hala Al Turk & Mashael – Bnayty El Habooba

Hala Al Turk released her debut single Bnayty El Habooba in 2011. With more than 493 million views in March 2021 it’s still one of the most popular Arabic songs for kids.


5. Hassan Shakosh & Omar Kamal – Bent El Geran

Another hit song by the magic Egyptian duo Hassan Shakosh and Omar Kamal. Their song Bent El Geran was released in december 2019 and became the biggest Arabic hit of 2020. In March of that year they also released a slightly censured version of the song. Both videos have a total of 564 million views.


4. Abu ft. Yousra – 3 Daqat

The fourth position is taken by Egyptian singer Abu. Together with Yousra he scored a mega hit in 2017 with 3 Daqat. The romantic duet has been viewed 634 million times so far.


3. Ali Jassim, Mustafa Alabdullah & Mahmoud Al Turky – Ta3al

One of the biggest summer hits of 2018 was Ta3al by Ali Jassim, Mustafa Alabdullah and Mahmoud Al Turky. We find he popular Iraqi singers on the 3th position in this Top 50.


2. Balti ft. Hamouda – Ya Lili

At number two we find Tunisian rapper Balti, featuring Hamouda. With more than 714 million views the song is getting closer and closer to the number one position.

balti ya lili


1. Saad Lamjarred – Lm3allem

Non surprisingly Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred tops the chart with his smashing hit Lma3allem. The video has earned more than 909 million views since its release in May 2015 and will soon the first Arabic video clip to have more than 1 billion views.


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