These are the Top 5 best tracks of Hamaki’s new album

mohamed hamaki 2019

Mohamed Hamaki finally released his new album Kol Youm Men Da a few days ago. It was about time, since his last album Omroh Ma Yeghib appeared in 2015!

The long wait by the fans was rewarded though with an album featuring no less than twenty brand new songs!

The most popular songs from the album are Mel Bedaya and Khodny Eleik. Both songs have already generated almost four million views on YouTube.

We made you a list of the Top 5 most viewed songs of the Kol Youm Men Da album below:

Khodny Eleik

Mel Bedaya

Aalo Aanek


5. Kol Youm Men Da

You can listen to the entire album on one of the platforms below: