This Arabic song is very popular in India: Hayati

arabic song

Songs like Lm3allem by Saad Lamjarred and Ya Lili by Balti and Hamouda are very popular in India. But when you search for Arabic Song using the Indian version of Google there is one song that always shows up first: Hayati new arabic (Remix) car song.

It’s uploaded on a YouTube channel called Taken Prince and it has already more than 33 million views. It’s not very clear who is the producer of the remix. You can listen to it below!

Hayati new arabic (Remix) car song

Arabic song

Other similar Arabic songs that rank high on Google in India are Duniya, which is a remix of Hussain Al Jassmi’s massive hit Boshret Kheir, and a song called Fiha. Check them out below!

Duniya دنيا


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