Top 10 Arabic remix songs on YouTube

arabic remix songs

When an Arabic song gets a lot of views on YouTube it’s only a matter of time before remixes start popping up. These remixes often go viral as well. That’s why you can find many thousands of Arabic remix songs by now on YouTube.

Many of those remixes are made by Turkish producers and djs. They select a popular Arabic song, speed up the vocals, add a nice beat and a new hit is born.

We decided to put together a list of the Top 10 Arabic Remixes on YouTube of all time. The ranking is based on the total amount of views, as of April 2019. Enjoy!

Top 10 Best Arabic Remix Songs

10. Mawjou Galbi (Sözer Sepetci Remix)

9. Ya Lili 2 (ELSEN PRO EDIT)

8. Halet Hob (Sözer Sepetci Remix)

7. Nûsfur (Sözer Sepetci & Amorf Remix)

6. Najwa Farouk – Lemen Nechki (FG Arabic Remix)

5. Aweli (Vehbi İnegöl Remix)

4. Duniya دنيا (Boshret Kheir Remix)

3. Hayati new arabic (Remix) car song

2. Khalouni N3ich (Yusuf Ekşioğlu Remix)

1. Fi Ha (Burak Balkan Remix)

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