Top 10 best Arabic songs of 2021

Saad Lamjarred & Zouhair Bahaoui - Lewjah Tani 2021 سعد لمجرد و زهير بهاوي - لوجه التاني.mp4.00_03_35_03.Still011

The year has come to an end so it’s time for us to look back at all the great music that 2021 brought us. We listed the Top 10 best Arabic songs of 2021 for you below. The order of the songs is based on the total amount of views on YouTube. Enjoy!

1. Saad Lamjarred & Zouhair Bahaoui – Lewjah Tani

Lewjah Tani by Moroccan singers Saad Lmajarred and Zouhair Bahaoui is the most watched Arabic music video of 2021. The video was released on January 1, 2021 and has generated 194 million views on YouTube since then.

2. Hamza Namira – Fady Shewaya

The Moroccan stars are followed by Hamza Namira. With 192 million views for his hit song Fady Shwewya, the Egyptian singer is in second place.

3. Lama Shreif – Youmma Ana Li Rido

Third is Lebanese TikTokker Lama Shreif. The music video for her song Youmma Ana Li Rido has been posted on YouTube twice, with a combined total of more than 154 million views.

4. Ruby – Hetta Tanya

At number four we find Ruby. 2021 was definitely the comeback year for the Egyptian singer. Her song Hetta Tanya achieved over 143 million views on YouTube.

5. Hassan Shakosh ft. Yasmin Raeis – Habibty

In the fifth place we also find an Egyptian song: Habibty by Hassan Shakosh featuring actress Yasmin Raeis. The music video has been viewed 130 million times since its release in May 2021. With this great success, Shakosh shows that the mahragan genre has now become mainstream.

6. Saif Nabeel & Balqees – Momken

The sixth place is for Iraqi singer Saif Nabeel and Yemeni singer Balqees. Their duet song Momken became a huge hit immediately after its release in March 2021, with a total of 107 million views to date.

7. Balti – Ya Hasra

For the seventh place we make a trip to Tunisia. Rapper Balti scored several hits in 2021, of which Ya Hasra became his biggest success with 103 million views so far.

8. Mahmoud Al Turky – Ashmk

At number 8 we find the Iraqi singer Mahmoud Al Turky with Ashmk. The lyric video was released in June 2021 and has received 100 million views to date.

9. Issam Najjar – Hadal Ahbak

The year 2021 was undoubtedly the year of Jordanian singer Issam Alnajjar. His song Hadal Ahbak was released in September 2020 but only became a huge hit when the song went viral on TikTok in January 2021. The counter of the number of views started running and eventually came to 99 million views at the end of 2021. And we didn’t even include the views of the official music video, which appeared in March.

10. Ghreeb Al Mokhles – Khibah

And we close the top 10 with some real khaleeji sounds. Saudi singer Ghreeb Al Mokhles released several songs in 2021 and with great success! Khibah gave him a nice tenth place thanks to 97 million views.

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