Top 10 Best Tamer Hosny songs

tamer hosny songs

Tamer Hosny is one of the most popular singers in Egypt and in the rest of the Arab world. He is known for his romantic love ballads but also for his modern crossover songs with international artists like Shaggy, Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg.

King of the Generation

The Egyptian singer launched his solo career with his 2004 album Hob, followed by many albums and hit songs since then. He has won many prices and he was given the nickname “King of the Generation” by his fans.


Besides being a singer, Tamer is also knows as an actor. He played in several films, most of which were directed by himself.

Top 10 Best Tamer Hosny Songs

Even though it’s hard to decide what are the best Tamer Hosny songs we have listed the ten most popular songs of the Egyptian singer for you below. The ranking is based on the total amount of YouTube views so far.

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10. Tamer Hosny – Ya Ana Ya Mafesh

9. Tamer Hosny – Ana Wala 3aref

8. Tamer Hosny – Ya Mali Aaeny

7. Tamer Hosny ft. Ahmed Sheba, Moustafa Hagag and Diab – 100 Wesh

6. Tamer Hosny – 180°

5. Tamer Hosny ft. The Voice Kids – Allah Shahid

4. Tamer Hosny – Omry Ebtada

3. Tamer Hosny – Naseny Leh

2. Tamer hosny – Kol Haga Bena

1. Tamer Hosny – Eish besho’ak

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