Top 10 most viewed Arabic songs of February 2019 on YouTube

tamer hosny naseny leh

Naseny Leh by Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny was the most popular song of February 2019. The music video is watched more than 19 million times. On the second place we find Moroccan singer Hatim Ammor. His song Akher Marra generated almost 17 million views since it’s release on February 1th. Iraqi singer Saif Nabeel takes the third position with his romantic song Qalb Thane.

Check out the full Top 10 of most watched Arabic songs in February below!

1. Tamer Hosny – Naseny Leh (19 million views)

2. Hatim Ammor – Akher Marra (17 million views)

3. Saif Nabeel – Qalb Thane (16 million views)

4. Esraa Alasel & Noor Alzien – Nazar Einy (13 million views)

5. Aymane Serhani – Galethali Mimti (12 million views)

6. Sherine – Hobbo Ganna (9 million views)

7. Hamada Helal – Ashrab Shai (7,5 million views)

8. Rajaa & Omar Belmir – Kama Todino Todan (7 million views)

9. Bader AlShuaibi – Mta3ba Kel El Nas (6,5 million views)

10. Majid Al Mohandis – Bahebak (6 million views)