Top 10 most viewed Arabic songs of January 2019 on YouTube

mafia mohamed ramadan

Mafia by Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan is the most watched video clip of January 2019. Since it’s release on the first day of 2019, the video has been viewed more than 53 million times.

Algerian duo

The second place is for Algerian duo Cheba Souad and Hichem Smati. Their video Le Monde Blabik Khawi has generated almost 15 million views.

Blocked video

At number three we find Moroccan rapper Dizzy DROS with Moutanabbi. His video clip has been viewed more than 14 million times. Unfortunately the video has recently been blocked by Sony “on copyright grounds.”

dizzy dros

Check out the full Top 10 of most viewed Arabic songs of the month January below!

1. Mohamed Ramadan – Mafia (53 million views)

2. Cheba Souad & Hichem Smati – Le Monde Blabik Khawi (14,9 million views)

3. Dizzy DROS – Moutanabbi (14,4 million views)

4. Moustafa Alabdullah, Ali Jassim, Salah Hassan & Evan Naji – Al Ahbab (12 million views)

5. Saif Nabeel – Habn (11,9 million views)

6. Mohamed Benchenet – Fi Bladi Dalmoni (9,2 million views)

7. Abdul Majeed Abdullah – Allah Alaik (9 million views)

8. Zakaria Ghafouli – Bahra Bahra (8,5 million views)

9. Mohamed Hamaki – Mel Bedaya (6 million views)

10. Noor Alzien & Esraa Al Aseel – Nazar Einy (5,8 million views)