Top 15 Saad Lamjarred songs: Lm3allem, Ensay, Ykhalik Liki & more!

saad lamjarred songs

Without a doubt, Saad Lamjarred is still one of the biggest stars in the Arabic world at the moment. Specially in his own country Morocco his popularity is huge.


To a large extent, Saad owes his fame to his mega hit Lm3allem from 2015, which meant his breakthrough throughout the Arab world. With more than 800 million views, the music video is still the most viewed Arabic song on YouTube of all time.

After Lm3allem, hits like Ghaltana, Ghazali, Let Go, Casablanca and Ensay (with Egyptian singer Mohamed Ramadan) followed.

Top 15 Saad Lamjarred Songs

We have listed the Top 15 Best Saad Lamjarred songs for you. The sorting is based on the amount of views on YouTube (Februari 2020). Which one is your favorite?

15. Saad Lamjarred – Njibek Njibek (22 million views)

14. Saad Lamjarred – Baddek Eih (24 million views)

13. Saad Lamjarred – Daba Tzian (25 million views)

12. Saad Lamjarred – Salam (32 million views)

11. Saad Lamjarred – Enty (39 million views)

10. Saad Lamjarred – Salina Salina (52 million views)

9. Saad Lamjarred – Ykhalik Lili (77 million views)

8. Saad Lamjarred – Casablanca (171 million views)

7. Saad Lamjarred – Let Go (168 million views)

6. Saad Lamjarred – Ghazali (176 million views)

5. Saad Lamjarred – Ana Machi Sahel (193 million views)

4. Saad Lamjarred & Mohamed Ramadan – Ensay (208 million views)

3. Saad Lamjarred – Ghaltana (255 million views)

2. Saad Lamjarred – Mal Hbibi Malou (256 million views)

1. Saad Lamjarred – Lm3allam (800 million views)

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