Top 15 most viewed Moroccan songs of all time

Most viewed moroccan songs of all time on YouTube

Moroccan music is booming! Ten years ago most Arabic hits came from countries like Egypt en Lebanon, but specially since the release of Saad Lamjarred’s smashing hit Lm3allem in 2015 that has changed.

Nowadays more and more Moroccan songs are taking over the Arabic music charts with millions and millions of views on YouTube.

Top 15 most viewed Moroccan songs of all time

We listed the Top 15 most viewed Moroccan songs of all time for you below, including hits by Saad Lamjarred, Zouhair Bahaoui, Salma Rachid, TiiwTiiw and many more!

The ranking is based on the total amount of views in June 2020. Totals and ranks will change, and we will continue to update this post, over time.

15. TiiwTiiw ft. Blanka & Sky – Te Amo

Te Amo is one of the many hits by Moroccan singer and former comedian TiiwTiiw from Brussels. The song was released in 2016.


14. Chawki – Tsunami

Moroccan singer Ahmed Chawki comes from the city of Tetouan. He worked with big names like Pitbull and RedOne. In 2016 he scored a huge hit with his song Tsunami.


13. Salma Rachid – Sama3ni Nabdak

Salma Rachid is the first female singer in the Top 15. She got famous after her participation in the second season of Arab Idol in 2013. In 2015 she scored her first big hit with the song Sama3ni Nabdak.


12. Aymane Serhani – Nebghi Djini Bsurvet

Moroccan singer Aymane Serhani from the French city of Lille has shown that you don’t need fancy music videos to score a big hit. Recorded with just a cell phone and a selfie stick his videos gained millions of views on YouTube. Nebghi Djini Bsurvet is his biggest hit so far.


11. TiiwTiiw ft. Cheb Nadir, Blanka & Sky – Dawdaw

Another crazy video from TiiwTiiw. Together with Cheb Nadir, Blanka and Sky, he had a big hit with Dawdaw in 2016.


10. Abdel Fattah Grini – Jabara Fan (Arabic Version)

Morocco meets India in the music video Jabara Fan. Abdel Fattah Grini made the Arabic version of the theme song for the Bollywood movie Jabara fan. It became a huge hit in 2016.


9. Saad Lamjarred – Let Go

Saad Lamjarred shows his dance skills in the music video for Let Go. The song was released in the summer of 2017 and became one of the biggest Arabic hits of that year.


8. Saad Lamjarred – Ghazali

Ghazali was released in 2018 and became a hug hit. It ended up in the top 10 of most viewed Arabic songs of that same year.


7. Jamila – Blach Blach

Jamila is the highest female singer in the Top 15 of Moroccan songs. She had her breakthrough in the Arab music world with Blach Blach in 2015.


6. Saad Lamjarred – Ana Machi Sahel

Saad Lamjarred released the music video for Ana Machi Sahel in the summer of 2016. The video features his fans, several Moroccan celebrities and his mother.


5. Mohamed Ramadan & Saad Lamjarred – Ensay

When you combine two Arabic superstars you’ll get a hit…a huge hit! Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred and Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan released their duet song Ensay in the summer of 2019. It ended up as the most viewed Arabic song of the year. 

4. Zouhair Bahaoui ft. Tiiwtiiw & CHK – Hasta Luego

Moroccan singers Zouhair Bahaoui, TiiwTiiw and CHK teamed up and dropped the catchy song Hasta Luego. It was one of the biggest Moroccan hits of summer 2017.

3. Saad Lamjarred – Mal Hbibi Malou

Mal Hbibi Malou was one of the first big hits by Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred. The song is from his album Wala 3alik and was released in 2012.


2. Zouhair Bahaoui – Décapotable

Décapotable is by far the biggest hit of Moroccan singer Zouhair Bahaoui. The music video for the song was released in August 2018. It earned him a nice second place in the list of most viewed Moroccan songs of all time.


1. Saad Lamjarred – Lm3allem

Non surprisingly Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred tops the chart with his smashing hit Lma3allem. The video has earned more than 800 million views since it’s release in May 2015!