Top 5 Soolking Songs: Guerilla, Dalida, Milano & more!

soolking songs top 5

Soolking, real name Abderraouf Derradji, is a very successful artist from Algeria. He was born in a northern suburb of the capital Algiers in 1989.

Africa Jungle

Abderraouf moved to France when he was 19 years old, to work on his dance career. When that didn’t work out the way he wanted Soolking returned to Algeria to join the Algerian rap group Africa Jungle. The band released two albums.

Solo career

Spotted by a producer from Marseille he returned to France in 2014. He released a collaborative mini album called Jungle Soldat with his colleagues Jam Shaw and N’as Doz, and launched a solo career by 2016. The Algerian artist had initial success with Milano and Guérilla followed by a phenomenal international success with Dalida.

Debut Solo album

In november 2018, Soolking released his debut solo album Fruit Du Démon that was certified gold in France.

Top 5 Soolking Songs

To celebrate the success of Soolking we listed his Top 5 song for you below. Which one is your favorite?

5. Soolking feat. Ouled El Bahdja – Liberté

4. Soolking – Vroom Vroom

3. Soolking – Milano

2. Soolking – Dalida

1. Soolking – Guerilla