Top 5 trending songs in Jordan: A5rass, Amr Diab, Siilawy & more!

trending songs in Jordan

Every Wednesday we check which Arabic songs are trending on YouTube in one of the Arab countries. Today we take a look at Jordan. There, among others, A5rass, Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz and Sillawy are in the Trending Top 5. Check out the entire Top 5 trending songs in Jordan below!

1. A5rass – Baad Shu

2. Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz ft. Mohamed Osama – El Ghazala Ray2a

3. Siilawy – Lissa Ma3aki

4. MUSliM – Mesh Nadman

5. Amr Diab – Khala El Hagar Yenta’

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